Anitgone (2012)

Antigone Director’s Note


Photos for Antigone credited to Afshin Katanchi.

HamletIRAN (2011)

HamletIran Director’s Note


Persians (2008)

Persians Director’s Note


Benedictus (2007)

Benedictus Director’s Note


Paydaayesh: A Creation Project (2006)

Paydaayesh A Creation Project Director’s Note


The Sea Gull (2005)

The Sea Gull Director’s Note



Iphigenia (2003)

Iphigenia Director’s Note



Six Characters in Search of An Author (2002)

Six Characters in Search of an Author Director’s Note


Rumi (2000)


Midsummer Night’s Dream in Iran (1999)


Bombing the Cradle (1992)


Ladies in Waiting (1991)


The Island (1991)


Midsummer Night’s Dream in America (1989)


Little Sunny (1984)


Antigone (1982)


Survival (1982)


Little Black Fish (1980)


Passion of Ashura (1979)

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